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Urban Hermit,
2 Channel FHD Video, Stereo Sound, 6' 25”, 2016

Urban Hermit guides the viewer’s gaze caught by spectacle of the museum’s central space to workers positioned all over the institution as well as to a cleaner’s path. On two screens in an organic relationship, spaces of the museum are linearly arranged, workers are downscaled in a huge structure and at the same time concealed existential moments of the workers are revealed.   

A cacophony of electronic sounds throughout the entire work suggests an incomplete relationship between the workers and the space. Along with interrupted moving images, it increases a sense of isolation which those workers would feel. Urban Hermit focuses on individuals, giving more weight to individuality than universality, immanent value than universal value. It also raises a question about contemporary power structures produced by capital as well as the value of anonymous individuals belonging to a marginalized class that is invisible within the structures.


  • 화이트 유튜브 아이콘
Photo Courtesy of SONGEUN
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