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To the North for Nonexistence
Single Channel FHD Video, Stereo Sound, 16' 53", 2019
The Sámi people are the land of accumulation of time and the indigenous peoples of the polar regions of Northern Europe, which have been geographically isolated for a longtime due to severe weather conditions. Nowadays, the traditional way of life of the Sámi people living in minority groups and their own identity inevitably arouse conflict with modern systems. To Anita Gimvall who is a Sami tribe who has lived a lifetime in Lapland, it shows a cross-section of the recent arson incident in a traditional house. In To the North for Nonexistence based on the incident of a real person it traces out a conflict and alienation at the ambiguous border between past tradition and modern life, settlement and deportation, thought and sharing, and stories of blurred boundaries and backgrounds inside and outside. The encyclopedic knowledge about the geographic elements of the Arctic region, the customs of the Sami tribe, traditions, and the natural environment, which are conveyed calmly by the synthesized mechanical sound narrator (Synthetic voice of Narrator, Heather) on the image appropriating the format of the infographic are introduced by a five-sub-chapters. It tells about absurdity and the complexity of life beyond the landscape perceived through the moving images horizontally width of landscape ratio, documentary location video, found footage, sound, while satirizing the modern people who understand the world through the Internet and media prior to actual experience.
  • 화이트 유튜브 아이콘
Photo Courtesy of SONGEUN
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