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Temporary Visitor
2 Channel FHD Video, Stereo Sound, 10’ 48”, 2015

Temporary Visitor reconstructs happenings that I witnessed and experienced at border control in airports. I wanted to portray global movement, ‘migration’ from ‘east to west’, ‘from south to north’ for a better life, through a dancing body as an ‘imaginary move’. The more frequent attempts an individual makes to find a utopia, the more rules they encounter on the border between nations or regions, the more their journey to ‘utopia’ is threatened.  A memory of failure affects the entire structure and format of the work, not as a heroic episode but as a private, ambiguous, unstable, and melancholic memory. I raise a question: how is an anonymous individual categorized, and hopelessly lost within huge groups or systems. I employed the cinematic narrative structure to discuss the identity and dignity of individuals, which are extremely fragile at the border between collectives and nations under globalism.


  • 화이트 유튜브 아이콘
Photo Courteasy of Artist
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