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Sleeping Sun

<Sleeping Sun I; Prologue> Single Channel HD Video, Stereo Sound, 38”, 2012

<Sleeping Sun II; Via Emley Moor> Single Channel HD Video, Stereo Sound, 5’ 27” 2012

<Sleeping Sun> Single Channel HD Video, 6’ 3” Stereo Sound, 2012

A series of two videos employ a Sci-Fi literary structure to reconstruct psychological landscapes addressing the complexity of lives which layers of different times cause; the unpredictable future of contemporary society, and the resurrection of the discarded past. I attempted to present the emptiness of a utopian city and create a visual narrative of desolation, ruin, or lack behind the ‘excessiveness’ and the ‘acceleration’ in contemporary society.


  • 화이트 유튜브 아이콘
Photo Courteasy of Artist
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