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Proximity of Longing
Single Channel FHD Video, 16' 50", 2016

“Proximity of Longing” consists of three short episodes, called “12 Chairs”, “Angel Island”, and “Tortilleria Chinantla” that is about describing a history of migration in America. The contrast that shown in between “12 Chairs” and “Angel Island” depicts fraction of their stories as poignant memories in the history of migration into America between Europe and Asia countries while in “Tortilleria Chinantla” shows displaced people of immigrant who has left or broken away from their homeland but working in a factory as a symbol of invisibility in a society. By doing so, I try to reveal the reality can be intersected with ideal dreams by systems such as nations, borders but hardly get reached to individuals or even people in minor groups in contemporary era, adapting digital open sources such as text form Wikipedia, copyright free sounds, and images that can be anonymous online then becomes moving images. I attempt to catch up from those floating digital online data to evoke where the authority comes from.

Photo Courtesy of SONGEUN
  • 화이트 유튜브 아이콘
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