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Motion Hand
Praxinoscope Animation on Turntable, Stereo Sound, 2016

Composed of three kinetic sculptures, animation and sound, Motion Hand is based on the Praxinoscope which was invented to entertain industrial workers in the 19th century. I adapted this device to present the moments of simple and repetitive labor of people from Asia, South America and Africa as I witnessed them in many different cosmopolitan cities over the years. In doing so, I added a specific sound to each of the repetitive and continuous animations. Motion Hand, therefore, metaphorically describes contemporary social ranks, restrictions on living, and the inequality which pervades multicultural labor sites under neoliberalism


Photo Courtest of Gyeongnam Art Museum
  • 화이트 유튜브 아이콘
Photo Courtest of Gyeongnam Art Museum
Photo Courtest of Gyeongnam Art Museum
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