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Mosaic Transition
2 Channel FHD Video, 4 Chennel Sound, 5’34”, 2019
Mosaic Transition (2019) being played in the inner space of the third floor consists of videos and sounds whose images repeatedly break into pieces and are put together through the two split screens . On top of the sound track are added clicking sounds of a mouse, triggering a sense of tension, and the website’s main page of an open source program Earth Nullschool opens up. Nullschool is a visual map, visualizing global meteorological information including wind and climate based on big data. Today, it became known to many following an interesting incident  that recently happened at the National Assembly in Korea. As the mouse cursor quickly moves on the screen, the captures, overlays and other system functions continue to run endlessly, leading to the screen switch. In between images appear familiar scenes like the screens often seen on the news (images of people wearing masks, etc.). Fine dust, the worst environmental disaster by which we are defenselessly exposed, have led people to extreme confusion and paranoia, and smart phone applications or various fine dust meters for houses  have been commercialized, becoming extremely popular despite their lack of accuracy. Nullschool’s captured images also were presented as evidence for the aforementioned political incidents or on various news channels, to prove as if the fine dust comes from China , thereby becoming an incident  “ridiculed by =computer graphic fine dust .” Ever since, the developer of Nullschool has stressed once again that there may be difference between the screen and the actual satellite-observed flow of atmosphere and that Nullschool is an experimental program that calculates standby mode in a mathematical way. It is not uncommon to see graphic images  being reported with erroneous data on the Internet and the news, which reveals the limitations of formality and virtuality of big data and digital images that we are oblivious of. Even the founder of World Wide Web (www) Tim Berners-Lee (1955-), who appears in mosaic images in the middle of the video, once criticizes the loss of data control of individuals due to information being monopolized by the privileged few, the phenomenon of indiscriminate spread of fake news, and now strives for the anti-internet campaign. As if the actual impact of environmental crisis is dependent on data collection and fabrication tools and technologies, the virtual graphic images consisting of data  on the screen undergo the artist’s touch to sensibly move in and out of the actual images to create a continuous repetition or cycle of images of evident facts and the images that replace them. As such, Mosaic Transition describes how the fictional imagination created by  the technology and civilization-related progress is malfunctioning at the boundaries between reality and virtuality, through digital moving images and rhythmical sounds. It also creates the landscape of the irresistible blind faith and malfunction of people in a modern society with regards to the digital civilization that mankind is faced with. Mosaic Transition: A term referring to a special VFX (visual special effects) technology where images are cut intoPieces to reciprocally move to other spaces or converted into a complete different status. behind such infinite representation of digital images lies a very simple process of Implementing images in a numerical algorithm computation using 0 and 1, and in this process the exclusiveness of images disappear, and fictional, virtual images that are subject to endless movements and conversions remain as data.
  • 화이트 유튜브 아이콘
Photo Courtesy of SONGEUN
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