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Green Flash
6 Channel FHD Video, 6 Channel Sound in a Circular Space 6’ 30”, 2020
6 Channel HD Video, 6 Channel Sound, 6’ 30”, 2020 The violent history of war has developed alongside support of high technology and enormous power of capital. After the cold war regime, thetechnology of modern warfare in the 21st century has made a sense of physical and psychological distance as a virtual reality. As a result, it becomes real to have a greater destructive and lethal violent power than ever in humankind history by only moving the fingers within a safe distance. Since the invention of from a balloon to unmanned aerial vehicle, called drone, modern war has become the most Brutal genocide in a battle filed as an evidence of our history book. “Green Flash” consists of 6 channels of video and sound in a circular architectural space. In this piece of work, I attempt to depict how the development of new technology in modern warfare occupies in our daily life, borrowing a form of 1st person shooting video game. The ordinary scenes of Seoul taken by the drone are transposed on computer generated images on the game, adding elements such as actual game sounds, metaphorical images that imitates nature of bees. These elements juxtapose with poems of “Yehuda Amichai '' and “Suheir Hammad '' in a space which resembles a control tower or pc game room to complete a visual narrative. By doing so, I tried to describe the distance and border between a perpetual immortality in a safe cyberspace and the reality which actually faces death and life. 
Photo Courtesy of  National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
  • 블랙 유튜브 아이콘
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