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Day for Night
Single Channel HD Video, Stereo Sound, 6’ 37", 2014

‘Day for night’ is a set of cinematic techniques used in Hollywood movies in order to save production costs and time. There is a once-splendid neighborhood at the center of Daejeon, but it has now degenerated into a slum area after being abandoned for more than 10 years. A skyscraper standing tall behind this neighborhood is the headquarters of KTX (Korean Train Express). The very odd contrast between the contemporary building, which symbolizes ‘speed’, and this ruins at the heart of a city is a key motif of this work.

I used montage to compose the two very different landscapes, KTX station representing ‘superhigh-speed’ and ‘development’ and the ruin of today as a discarded past. Seemingly transcending time and space, a sci-fi like atmosphere has also been added. Through segmented color frames and sound, I wanted to talk about the present as a synesthetic narrative as well as the shadow of city and urban development.


  • 화이트 유튜브 아이콘
Photo Courteasy of Artist
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