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2012 MFA in Fine Art Media, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL
2005 MA in Film/TV, School of Media, Sogang University
1994 BFA in Oriental Painting, College of Fine Arts, Hoingik University


SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS                                         

2019 <Walk in the Sun> Songeun Art Space, Seoul, S.Korea (Supported by Songeun Art Foundation)

2015 <The Chronology of Chance> Media Theater I-gong, Seoul, S.Korea

2015 <Prizma Residency#1> Prizma Space, Istanbul, Turkey

2014 <Proximity of Longing> Culture Station Seoul 284 RTO, Seoul, S.Korea

2014 <Fluid City> Media Theater I-Gong, Seoul, S.Korea (Organaised & Curated by I-Gong)

2011 <Life Stage> Seoul, S.Korea (Commissioned by COMO, SK-T Building & Curated by Art Centre Nabi), Seoul, S.Korea

2009 <24HR City> Brainfactory, Seoul, Korea

2006 <Living on the Edge> Kumho Museum, Seoul, S.Korea
2005 <Ideal Society> Insa Art Space, Seoul, S.Korea

1998 <r.e.v.e.r.s.e> Seonam Art Center, Seoul, S.Korea

1997 <Faded Memory-Oblivion> Temporary Container Gallery, Seoul, S.Korea


CURATORIAL & CURATED PROGRAMS                                

2017 Executive producer of <My Wish> New Commission Work for <Krzysztof Wodiczko: Instruments, Monuments, Projections>, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, S.Korea

2013 <PoP Up_Impulsive Structure>, Project Space Hobin of Alpha Tower, Panhyo, S.Korea (Co-curating with Soa Whang)

2008 <Undefined landscape>, Gallery Geongmiso, Seoul, Korea

1999 Screening of <The Cross>, Dongseoung Art Centre, Seoul, S.Korea



2022 <Facing the Movement: Crossing/Invading/Stopping> Arko Art Center, Seoul, S.Korea (Curated by The Stream with a cocurating by Lux)

2021 < Arkipel Jakarta International Documentary & Experimental Film Festival> Jakarta, Indonesia (Curated by Eunhee Kim)

2021 <Border/s: between the immaterial and the theatrically in front of the one who looks to and from asia> CDAN Museum, Huesca, Spain (Curated by AAMP)

2021 <Secret Life> Gallery Baton, Seoul, S.Korea

2020 <Reality Errors> Nam June Paik Art Center, Yongin, S.Korea (Curated by KawnJin Jo, Yoonheoi Jeong)

2020 <A Museum for All, A Museum for Dogs> National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, S.Korea (Curated by Yonghee Sung)

2020 <20th Seoul International ALT Cinema & Media Festival> Wavve (Online Screening), Seoul, S.Korea

2020 <Exis2020-EX-Now 4, 5> Indi Space, Seoul, S.Korea

2020 <Unfllated> National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, S.Korea (Curated by Soojung Yi)

2020 <Axis of Horizon> National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, S.Korea (Curated by Okguem Yang)

2020 <Together, Spring> Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju, S.Korea (Curated by Dongha Goh)

2019 < Korean Video Art from 1970s to 1990s: Time Image Apparatus> National Museum Modern and  Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, S.Korea

2019 < Parallel Landscape> Artspace Tribowl, Incheon, S.Korea (Supported by Hana Financial Group, Organized by Inchon Art Foundation, Curated by Seihee Son)

2019 < Spectres in the Library> SeMA WareHouse, Seoul, S.Korea

2019 < Mosaic Transition> Hana Financial TI, Chungra City, Inchon, S.Korea (Supported by Hana Financial Group, Organized by Inchon Art Foundation)

2019 <dot dot dot> Grunt Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2019 <YokYokYok> Sidae Yeokwan, Seoul, S.Korea

2019 <GOOD AFTER MOON> Gyeongam Art Museum, Changwon, S.Korea

2018 <Paradise in Your Heart>, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, S.Korea

2018 <Objectif Vidéo Nice: OVNi>, OVNi á l’hôtel, Nice, France

2018 <Steel-Being>, F1963, Busan, S.Korea (Curated Yanghee Shin & Hyoyoung Kim)

2018 <Counter Memories & Reconstruction of Body Movement X>, Space 41, Seoul, S.Korea (Curated & Organised by The 18TH Seoul International New Media Festival)

2018 <allegory, Things, Mnemonics>, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, S.Korea (Curated by Seongryong Cho)

2018 <Exis2018: Indi-Visual: 12 Chairs>, Screening Program, Korean Film Archive, Seoul, S.Korea

<Exhibition of Exhibition of Exhibition>, Cecil Theater, Seoul, S.Korea (Curated & Organised  by MMM)

2018 <Single Channel Video 2000-2010>, Geonggi Museum of modern Art, Ansan, S.Korea

2018 <Oxymoron in Ordinary-2018 Wumin Theater>, Wumin Art Center, Chongju, S.Korea

2018 <Seoul is the Museum>, Outdoor Screening, Jongno Tower, Seoul, S.Korea

2017 <The Arrival of New Women>, Commissioned by MMCA, Ducksugung Museum, Seoul, S.Korea

2017 <Ode to Forgetting>, SeMA Namseoul Museum, Seoul, S.Korea

2017 <2017 Photo Festival>, SeMA BukSeoul Museum, Seoul, S.Korea

2017 <Namsan Cluster: present in presence >, by 1st Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, Space One, Seoul, S.Korea

2017 <Seoullo Media Canvas>, Commissioned by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Media Façade in Seoullo 7017, Seoul, S.Korea

2017 <Asian Young Curator, ARKIPEL 2017>, The 5th Jakarta International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival> Jakarta, Indonesia (Curated by Jihyeon Song)

2017 <Soungeun Acquisition_Not your ordinary art storage>, New site of Songeun Art Foundation, Seoul, SKorea

2017 <Video Portrait> Total Museum, Seoul, S.Korea (Co-curated by The Stream)

2017 <Remembering or Floating>, Atelier Nord ANX Gallery, Oslo, Norway

2016 <Songeun Art Award>, Songeun Art Space, Seoul, S.Korea

2016 <MMCA-Hyundai Motors | Museum Festival: Madang>, Audio Visual Performance, Sejin Kim + THSS(TaeHyun Choi, SungSik Min), National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, S.Korea

2016 <The Landscapes in Landscapes>, The Korean Cultural Centre UK(KCCUK) & Gyunggi Museum of Modern Art(GMoMa), Media Archive Channel, The Korean Cultural Centre, London, UK

2016 <Crossfade>, Audio Visual Performance, Sejin Kim+Dalparan, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, S.Korea

2016 <Place & Footnote>, Geumchon Art Space, PS333, Seoul, S.Korea

2016 <16th Seoul International New Media Festival: NEMAF Premiere Screening for the Opeinging> Sangam DMC, SMIT Cinema, Seoul, S.Korea

2016 <Paranoid Zone>, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, S.Korea

2016 <You, the Living>, Gyeongnam Museum, Changwon, S.Korea

2016 <Interlocal>, Daejeon Creative Center, Dajeon, S.Korea

2015 <Seoul Photo Festival_A Great Journey>, Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, S.Korea

2015 <Multitude>, Melike Bilir Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

2015 <In To Asia Time Based Art Festival 2015-Unconscious>, The Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Art  Foundation, NY, USA

2015 <Galaxias Maculates>, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Valdivia, Valdivia, Chile

2015 <Willoughby Visual Arts Biennial>, Incinerator Art Space, Willoughby, Australia

2015 <Future is Now!>, La Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille, France

2015 <Shall we dance?>, 15th Seoul International New Media Festival, Space O, Seoul, S.Korea

2015 <Singapore Open Media Art Festival 2015>, Gillman Barracks, Singapore, Singapore

2015 <Future is Now!>, Korean Cultural Centre, Budapest, Hungary

2015 <New Media Art from Korea>, Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy

2014 <Future is Now!>, MAXXI, Rome, Italy

2014 <A View from the Other Side>, Moonshin Museum, Seoul, S.Korea

2014 <Arko Archive Project 2_Moving lines>, Arko Art Center, Seoul, S.Korea

2014 <New Acquisition_SeMA Gift>, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, S.Korea

2013 <Tomorrow is Now!_New Media Collection from MMCA>, Gwachon, S.Korea.

2013 <Scenes vs Scenes>, Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, S.Korea

2013 <The Transversal Project>, The Craft Alliance building in St. Louis Missouri, USA (Curated by Michael Powell)

2013 <14th Seoul International New Media Festival: New Media Alternative Cinema> Seoul, S.Korea

2013 <The Hidden Cost of prosperity>, Korean Cultural Centre, London, UK

2013 <PoP Up_Impulsive Structure>, Project Space Hobin of Alpha Tower, Panhyo, S.Korea

2013 <New Acquisitions 2012>, Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon, S.Korea

2013 <London Art Fair 2013-Art Project>, Presented by Hanmi Gallery, Business Design Centre, Islington N1, London ,UK

2012 <The shade of prosperity(TBC)>, Rivington Place of Institution of Visual Arts, London, UK

2011 <Happy window> Commissioned by Art Centre Nabi, Seoul, S.Korea

2011 <Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2011>, UK Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK

2011 <Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2011>, S1 Artspace, Sheffield, UK

2011 <Time Window>, Pohang Museum of Steel Art, Pohang, S.Korea

2011 <Welcome to Media Space>, Gallery Jungmiso, Seoul, S.Korea

2011<Cities Methodologies 2011_Urban Migration>, Worburn Research Centre, UCL, London, UK

2009 <Palleral>, Artspace Hue, Seoul, S.Korea

2009 <Media Archive Project 2009_MAP2009>, Arko Art Center, Seoul, S.Korea

2009 <Drama Dream Station 3.0>, Art Forum Lee, Ansan, S.Korea

2009 <Doors Open>, Korean Cultural Center New York, New York, USA

2009 <Doors Open>, Silvia Wald & Po Kim Gallery, New York, USA

2009 <Multiscape>, 315 Art Center, Masan, S.Korea

2009 <Another Masterpiece_New Acquisitions>, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, S.Korea

2008 <Reading the boundary between fiction and nonfiction>, SeMA, Seoul, S.Korea

2008 <Visiology>, Sangsang madang Gallery KT&G, Seoul, S.Korea

2008 <Undefined landscape>, Gallery Geongmiso, Seoul, S.Korea

2008 <My M genre_neMAF2008>, Media Theatre Igong, Seoul, S.Korea

2008 <Cine forum4: Digital Portfolio>, Museum of Art Seoul National University, Seoul, S.Korea

2008 <Asia Art Knots, Open Space_Art Cologne 2008>, Presented by HK Parasite Art space & Ssamzie space, Cologne, Germany

2008 <New acquisitions collection reconstructed>, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, S.Korea

2008 <Korea Episode>, Gallery Loop, Seoul, S.Korea

2007 <Shall we smell?>, Space C, Seoul, S.Korea 

2007 <Mosaic city_2007 Daejeon Fast>, Daejeon Museum of the Arts, Daejeon, S.Korea 

2007 <Soif d'aujourd'hui-Jeunes vidéastes asiatiques>, Musée d'Art Moderne Saint-Etienne Métropole, Saint-Etienne, France

2006 <Made in Korea panorama de l’art vidéo coréen_Le Cube>, Issy-les-moulineaux, Annecy, France

2006 <Art Orchestra_6th Gwangju Biennale>, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, S.Korea

2006 <Everywhere_Busan Biennale>, Busan Museum of Modern Art, Busan, S.Korea

2006 <Soiree pointligne plan_Paris Cinema>, Palais de Tokyo & Amgtrepho Theater, Paris, France

2006 <LOOP_Video Art Festival>, Casa Asia, Barcelona, Spain

2006 <Asia-Pacific Documentary Film and Video>, Asia-Australia Arts Centre, Sydney, Australia 
2005 <Uroscreen21 Project>, Presented by Insa Art Space Archive, Seoul, S.Korea

2005 <Art & Film Visual Narrative>, Savina Gallery, Seoul, Korea\

2005 Screening Short 35mm Film <Kid>, 9th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, Buchon, S.Korea

2004 <Body Around>, Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles, USA

2003 <Asian Directors of the New Century>, Ilju Art House & Art Cube, Seoul, Korea
2003 <Facing Korea: Demirrorized Zone>, De Appel Centre for Contemporary Art, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2003 <Where is my friend’s home?_Single Channel Videos by 11 Korean Artist>, Test Site Museum of Contemporary Art, Malmo, Sweden
2003 <Dumbo Art Center Under the bridge festival>, Dumbo Art Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA

2003 <Relative Reality_Cross2003 KoreA>, Koa Gallery, Hawaii, USA
2003 <Relative Reality, Korea Media Art Today>, Walsh Gallery, Chicago, USA
2003 <Short Video & Film Festival>, Bizart gallery, Shanghai, China

2002 <MAPP-Video & Screen> Hwalryuck theater, Seoul, S.Korea

2002 <Remediating TV> Ilju Art House, Seoul, S.Korea

2002 <Single Screen_Video Art  from Asia> Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen,


2002 <A Stay of Execution_4th Gwangju Biennale> 5.18 Park of Freedom, Gwangju, S.Korea

1998 <Bus-Demonstarion> Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, S.Korea

1997 <Marriage> Green Gallery, Seoul, S.Korea

1996 <TV> Gongpyeong Art ,Seoul, S.Korea

1995 <Prism> Korean Womens’s Developmenr Institute, Seoul, S.Korea

1995 <DMZ> Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, S.Korea



2016 <SongEun Art Award> by SongEun Art Foundation

2012 <Henry Tonks> Prize by UCL

2011 <Bloomsberg New contemporaries 2011> by Bloomberg & Art Council England

2005 <4th Daum Prize Winner>, by Park Geonhi Art Foundation

2002 <Unesco Prize for The Promotion of The Arts>, by 4th Gwangju Biennale & Unesco Cutural Foundation



2020 <Delfina Foundation Residency Program> London, UK

2018 <King Sejong Station Redidency Program> Antarctica (Commissioned by Korea Polar Research Institution of Marin Research Placement & Art Council Korea)

2018 <URRA-Tigre> Buenos Aires, Argentina (Sponsored by Argentine Ministry of Culture)

2018 <HIAP- Helsinki International Artist Program> Hesinki, Finland

2017 <SEMA Nanji Residency> Seoul, S.Korea

2015 <ISCP;International Studio & Curatorial Program> New York, USA

2015 <Prizma Resideny #1> Istanbul, Turkey

2014-2015 <Gumcheon Art Factory> Seoul, S.Korea

2007-2008 <Goyang National Art Studio> by National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea, Goyang, S.Korea

2006 <Taipei Artist Village> Taipei, Taiwan

2003 <Ssamzie Studio> Seoul, S.Korea

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