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About YS, Chae
Variable Channel HD Video, Stereo Sound, 41’ 46”, 2005~2006

This particular piece addresses a clash between an individual and a group during a two months long film shoot at an isolated location in New Zealand.  It is composed of interviews by 10 crew members recapitulating the episodes involving ‘Yunsun Chae’, a Korean American translator to the director, trying to negotiate her individual freedom within the confines of social and cultural norms that were tacitly accepted by the group. Interviewed a year after the film shoot, their memories of her and the episodes involving her are often fragmented and sentimental at times, blurring the boundaries of fact and fiction. This video installation reflects on the flexible nature of memory and the ways in which an individual’s sense of values is shaped and corrupted by the rigid structure of a group.


  • 화이트 유튜브 아이콘
Photo Courteasy of Artist
Photo Courteasy of Artist
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